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    White Eyeliner White Eyeliner

    White Eyeliner

White Eyeliner

white eye liner

A white eyeliner pencil is the surprisingly versatile makeup product you probably never knew you needed. Kim Kardashian has been wearing it for years, and recently it was white eyeliner that was a stand out makeup trend on the Spring 2013 international runways.

Investing in a white eye liner pencil gives you countless options in what you can do. Here are 5 tips for making your white eyeliner investment worth while…

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    Beauty Buzz | Face Oils Beauty Buzz | Face Oils

    Beauty Buzz | Face Oils

Beauty Buzz | Face Oils

Once upon a time if someone had suggested I smother oil on my face, let alone trade in my face moisturiser for a daily dose of oil, I would have thought they were nuts!

Having had my share of skin battles over the years, mostly with unwanted spots, the thought of putting any type of oil on my breakout prone skin would seem like asking for trouble. However, I’ve recently discovered that I couldn’t have been any further from the truth. It’s recently come to my attention, that from cleansers to moisturizers, there is a new wave of skincare oils now available, that will not only battle the blemish but also have your skin looking seriously healthy and radiant. WIN!

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    Mylookbook Beauty Favourites | July 2012 Mylookbook Beauty Favourites | July 2012

    Mylookbook Beauty Favourites | July 2012

Mylookbook Beauty Favourites | July 2012

These are some of the exciting new beauty products I’ve had the privilege of testing recently. Admittedly I am very spoiled and have the opportunity to try a lot of new beauty products hitting the market. Sometimes it’s hard to narrow down just a few favourites, other times there are clear winners. This month I’ve given not a second thought to recommending you invest at least part of your beauty budget in trying one of these!

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    Winter lips Winter lips

    Winter lips

Winter lips

It was about 3 weeks ago that I found myself wondering through Priceline trying to find something to soothe my dry lips. Even though I had an assortment of lip balms at home, my lips were in desperate need of some emergency hydration, and knowing I wouldn’t be home for the rest of the day, I needed to find a solution before the situation got worse.

While wondering through the cosmetics section, I hadn’t realized just how MANY there are to choose from. Talk about overwhelming! It got me thinking about how hard it must be to find great lip balm if you don’t already have some trusty favourites.

To hopefully save you wasting any time, especially seeing how it’s officially winter tomorrow and a good lip balm should be a daily winter essential, I thought I’d not only share my favourites, but asked a couple of my beauty expert girlfriends to share theirs.

May you have soft, supple, kissable lips all winter long!

My personal favourites
Jane Iredale Sugar and Butter Lip Duo,  $54,  www.janeiredale.com.au, Kit Cosmetics ESSENTIAL KIT LIP BALM SPF 15, $16.95, www.kitcosmetics.com.au, and the Burt’s Bees Beeswax Honey Lip Balm, $6.95, www.burtsbees.com

And some recommendations from my beauty expert buddies…

Eleanor Pendleton – Beauty Editor of InStyle Magazine
Smith’s Rosebud Salve is amazing as is Dior Lip Balm Voluptuous Lipcare. Both are super hydrating. I keep one in my bag & one at work. My absolute must-have this cold season!  Smith’s Rosebud Salve, $12.95, www.adorebeauty.com.au;

Nikki Parkinson – Blogger www.stylingyou.com.au
My fave is Lanolips 101 ointment – I always have a tube by my bed and in my handbag. Love that it’s natural, not sticky and that it kisses flakey lips goodbye almost immediately.Lanolips […]

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Makeup Trend Alert: Barely There Makeup

Ashley Greene looking natural & healthy. Image: www.hollywoodlife.com

This season there’s no arguing that when it comes to makeup looks, it’s all about looking as natural as possible. Healthy looking luminous skin is what you want your stand out feature to be, then, simply add a dust of blush or bronzer to your cheeks, a lashing of mascara and a pretty stain of pink or peach lip colour and your ready to walk out the door – gosh how I love it when things are this simple to achieve!