My Kim Kardashian Style Guide: What I’ve learned from dissecting Kim’s style…

Often referred to as ‘curvy’, it’s most likely that if you were to see Kim in the flesh she would in fact be quite tiny.

Photographs and TV actually do make people look bigger than they really are, and admittedly, it does sometimes make Kim look curvy compared to other miniature Hollywood celebrities. Selfishly this is something I actually love about Kim, having a curvier body shape myself, I love to look at her style and how she manages to always look so incredible while at the same time showing off her healthy ‘curves’.

Kim’s style is such a great mix of on trend yet classic combinations. She has perfected dressing for her own body shape and always looks impeccably polished and oh so glamorous. Her outfits always enhance her curves in all the right places and cover the parts she might not want to accentuate. Yes, I’ve been spending time recently obsessively looking at Kim’s outfit combinations and this is what I’ve learned… 

Know what suits you and work your wardrobe around it: She regularly wears slim fitting leggings or jeans, heels, a longer style tshirt, and a tailored jacket. A combination that she’s obviously found works for her body shape, as it always looks amazing. The slim jeans and heels lengthen her legs, the longer shirts always snuggly fit around her hips lengthening her torso and her tailored jackets accentuate her small waist and pull the outfit together.
Embrace your curves… Being confident with your own body is always sexy! Although she is shapely Kim is completely toned and fit looking. She isn’t scared to flaunt her feminine body and always does it with confidence!
Heels really do make a difference…They will give you height, lengthen your legs and always make you look leaner. Kim rarely steps out in flats and when she does it actually does make a difference to her overall silhouette. I think she still looks absolutely fabulous in flats however you can really see the difference it does make.
Accessorise… A bold necklace, a big pair of sunnies or a bright coloured scarf will instantly turn plain and simple outfit into effortless glam.  It’s a simple rule but one to remember when your feeling dowdy and bored with your wardrobe!

A fabulous blazer will complete an outfit… Worn over either pants or a dress, a well fitting blazer will polish your outfit. Kim seems to have a blazer in every different colour and a wise investment it is. She’s seen regularly wearing denim jeans but mixes and matches her shirts and blazers to create an assortment of different looks.

Make sure your clothes fit well… If your clothes are proportioned to your body it makes a huge difference especially if you’re short. It will emphasize your best parts and minimize your not so best.

Kim still looks absolutely fabulous however heels do make a difference to your overall silhouette especially in photographs.

Although Kim is referred to as “curvy” in the media and in some photos she does look a little bigger than other Hollywood celebrities, she is believed to weigh between 53 and 56 kg, At apparently 152 cm tall this gives her a perfect BMI of 22.9. Between 20 to 25 is the healthy weight range for young and middle-aged adults. It’s a scary thought as to how  thin some of the other ‘thinner’ looking celebs really are.

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